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  • Malta citizenship

    The most respectable and secure investment citizenship program in the world. The country whose passport provides its holder with benefits of not only an EU citizen but also a citizen of the British Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Nations).

    Freedom of movement
    Possessing a Malta passport, you will have easy access to all EU member states, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.

    A “Safe Haven” in Europe
    The right to reside without any limitation in any EU country.

    No personal taxes
    For those who stay in Malta for less than 183 days a year and receive income from foreign sources to foreign bank accounts.

    Quietness and confidence in the future
    The full package of EU citizen rights – economic and political stability, social guarantees.

  • UAE Residence

    Since the United Arab Emirates imposes no taxes either on individuals or legal persons, residency in the UAE is chosen not so much as a way to move around freely or to physically relocate, but rather for its advantageous tax climate.

    Tax residency
    The UAE is a “tax haven”. It imposes no taxes on tax residents and businesses.

    For you family
    Residency is issued for 3 years right off. Together with the main applicant, residency is extended also to family members: the applicant’s spouse and children under 18.

    Freedom of movement
    UAE residency does not oblige you to permanently stay in the Emirates, nor do you have to conduct company business.

    The ability to open bank accounts and buy real estate >
    Holders of UAE residency can buy real estate in Dubai and other cities, as well as confidentially open bank accounts in reliable global banks.


  • Portugal golden visa

    A new law adopted by Portugal’s government has introduced the new program Portugal Golden Visa, which allows citizens of third countries to receive a residence permit in Portugal by investing in real estate for a minimum period of 5 years.

    Visa-free travel or living in European countries
    You and your family will not only  have the right to live in Portugal year-round, you will also be able to travel for an unlimited period of time in Schengen countries.

    For you family
    Through a single investment package, residency in Portugal is available also to your spouse, children under 18, and dependent adult children enrolled in higher education.

    Freedom of movement
    To keep your status as a resident, you only need to stay in Portugal for 7 days in a year, which can easily be done over a vacation or business trip.

    A chance to receive permanent residency and EU citizenship
    Maintaining your investment and meeting the rules on minimum stay in the country will allow you to eventually receive permanent residency and Portuguese citizenship (to receive citizenship you must pass a language test).