About Us

Business and travel professionals have teamed up to create a new style of travel. Such a company, whose services are used by the founders themselves, which meets all our standards.


  • are always in touch
  • think about the details
  • are coming up with ideas for your new dreams
  • appreciate your time
  • manage your budget
  • make your dreams come true

Our Team


Design and SMM


Travel creator

My name is Mary and I'm a Travel Creator at Clavis. With meticulous care I craft premium routes, pick luxurious accommodations, and ensure seamless transport for your extraordinary journeys. Every destination is carefully chosen to captivate your senses and introduce you to fascinating people along the way. Experience the epitome of opulent travel, where each moment is tailor-made for you.


partner manager



My name is Anastasia. One of my dreams were to become a president one day. And actually my dream has come true- I’m the president of the best travel&pleasure company- Clavis. My journey in the travel business began a long time ago, but it took me a long way through all the trials and tribulations, MBA and corporations, to finally understand that I’m getting pure joy only by managing company that is making happy so many amazing people all over the world!


Customer relations manager


Product manager

My name is Hanna and I organize our work, connect all the details into a single whole. This reminds me of Lego. CLAVIS is like a Harry Potter Lego series for me, with a huge castle. We put a lot of effort into building this "castle", but in the end everything is decided by magic!




Travel concierge

My name is Helen. I’m your Travel Experience Manager. I will guide you gently towards your unforgettable journey! I love being part of Clavis because our team always creates thrilling and memorable emotions for tourists.

Dream big! Clavis will turn your dream into a bright experience.

We love people and what we do. Anything, anytime, anywhere.