anything, anytime, anywhere

anything, anytime, anywhere

With Clavis it’s not just about booking a tour—it’s about feeling the essence of travel. Our creations are born from our own adventures, ensuring an unparalleled and heartfelt connection with every journey.

Unveil the world through our eyes and embark on a voyage like no other, where the people, their stories, and the shared love for travel form the very core of the experience. Welcome to Clavis, where every expedition becomes a cherished memory etched in your heart.

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  • Private Tours

    Embark on a bespoke adventure, uniquely tailored to your preferences and desires, where every detail is designed to match your dreams

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  • New Spring'24 destinations

    Small Group Tours

    We gather small groups to maintain a high level of service and create a friendly atmosphere in the group.

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  • Most Wanted Offers


    Indulge in iconic experiences and luxurious getaways, curated to provide you with unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

  • Concierge Services


    Elevate your travel with our comprehensive concierge services, providing seamless assistance for a stress-free and delightful journey.

  • Cruises


    Discover a world of opulence and serenity on our exceptional cruises, where each moment is crafted to provide you with an unparalleled travel experience.

  • Hotels & Villas


    Experience opulence and comfort with our handpicked selection of the world's most exclusive and lavish hotels, offering you an unparalleled stay.

  • Global Lifestyle


    Discover the allure of "Global Lifestyle" with our services that seamlessly combine luxurious living, captivating experiences, and personalized adventures, making every moment extraordinary.

  • Investment Real Estate


    Explore lucrative real estate opportunities, carefully connected to our "Global Lifestyle" services, for those seeking a new home or investment abroad.